My Sister’s Words of Wisdom

This week I am doing something a little different on here. If you’ve been following my post, you’ve read about my sisters a little bit. The middle sis, Heather, is one of the people I look up to most in my life. Although she is younger, there is something about her I have always admired. We fought like crazy as kids, but as we got into high school and played on the same sports teams we began to learn to be teammates and then friends. We would visit each other in college and loan each other money to get by so we didn’t have to ask our parents for help. She was the first one to get married and the first to have kids of the three of us girls. I have loved watching her grow from the tattle-telling thorn in my side, to one of my best friends; from a young wife and first time mother to the amazing woman, wife and mother of three girls that she is today. She is someone I can count on, someone I can laugh with and someone I can learn from. She has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader in this dream I had to write and use my voice to encourage others. About a week ago I got a text from her late one night sharing her thoughts on life. Her words truly touched me and with her permission, I am sharing them with you today. I hope that her words can encourage you and inspire you they way they did me.

Liberated from Negativity

By Heather Mutz

I want to be the person that celebrates the little victories, embraces the tiniest pleasures in life and let’s negativity never absorb into my soul. I have some women in my life that exude joy. I don’t think they even realize it. I watch one mix up her sweet tea and take a drink and enjoy every last flavor that touches her tongue. She totally embraces that tiny moment. Another strong, beautiful and important lady in my life is such a giver and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that woman worry. She is so care free and truly loves every day like it could be her last. She also embraces the simplest of things like a good new book at the local Starbucks or the perfect park on a beautiful day. I’m learning from them. They don’t know it but I watch and pray to be just like that. It’s been a few years since I made the conscious decision to not allow negativity to penetrate into my soul. I decided that with God, I can totally do it. It doesn’t hurt me the way that it used to. I don’t dwell on it and replay scenarios over and over. I don’t feel mistreated and I don’t use up precious moments on it. It’s so so so …. what word am I trying to think of…. freeing? Let me look it up because I need it right now…. LIBERATING! That’s it! It’s liberating. Another thing about these women that I see is that they live unapologetically. They aren’t worried about what anyone else is thinking of them and never seem to feel like they need anyone’s permission to just live. To live in the moment, to embrace their own self and spirit. I have a long way to go and a lot of daily conversations with God to improve and live in the state of JOY but dangit I am trying! I refuse to let this one precious life we are given be wasted with worry or doubt or negativity. I want it to be filled with those little moments of aaahhhhh ….because truly, I am in awe most of the time. I’m in awe of this gift of life that Jesus has allowed us to have. Let’s make every moment count!! Join me in breathing in the fresh air, enjoying that sweet sip of tea, taking in the scenery and being the most positive light we can possibly be!


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    In a time where worry, stress and insecurity seems to be contagious I am grateful for people like you and messages like this because as it turns out joy is contagious too.
    Thank you for turning the world around one tiny victory at a time.

  2. We make a living by what we do
    We make a life by what we give
    W. Churchill
    Laughter is the best medicine
    Looking at the glass half full
    And knowing that you don’t have to please anyone but Jesus
    Takes you through life

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